Wellness unit


Our guests are welcome by a specially designed, private wellness unit where you can spend your time here with real recreation. Our exclusive wellness unit welcomes you with a Finnish sauna, a jacuzzi and, in a separate room, a Dead-Sea salt cave.

Preliminary registration is necessary for the use of the services.

Wellness package

For external guests:

Use of jacuzzi, sauna and salt cave: 27 € / 3 hours / person

Opening hours of the wellness division: between 10:00 and 18:00 every day

The hotel reserves the right to change the price. 

Dead Sea salt cave

For our accommodating guests: free
For external guests:

Recreation and relaxation with the power of nature. You are welcome with our salt cave, where a single cure is worth a whole day on the seashore.


  • 9 € /adult / 45 minutes
  • 4,5 € / child (between 6 and 18) / 45 minutes
  • Free under 6


Ticket for 5 occasions:

  • 40 € / 5 occasions / adult
  • 20 € / 5 occasions / child (between 6 and 18)

It is recommended if you suffer from:

  • respiratory or pulmonary diseases,
  • allergy,
  • skin and joint problems
  • insomnia,
  • too much stress in the everyday life

The recommended time of staying in the salt room is 45- 50 minutes. The air humidity is between 70 and 80 percent, while the temperature is approximately between 20 and 22 Celsius degrees.

Jacuzzi and sauna

For our accommodating guests: free

What effects does the bubble bath have?

  • After 5 minutes, the blood pressure reduces. The warm water stimulates the blood circulation, the use of the massage pool has an effect on the cardiovascular system similarly to cardiovascular exercises, however, you can achieve the beneficiary results without any effort.
  • After 8 minutes, the blood circulation in the hands and feet improves, therefore you can feel your limbs warmer.
  • After 12 minutes, your muscles relax, the tissues become more flexible, and thereby they can be stretched more easily, and the process of detoxification starts.
  • After 15 minutes, minor pains are alleviated.


Children under 14 may not use the sauna!

Children under 14 may use the jacuzzi only under parental supervision!


Kedves Vendégeink!

A hotel privát wellness részlegén található szauna felújítás miatt átmenetileg nem üzemel. Az átalakítás ideje alatt a Flexum Thermal & Spa-ban található szaunavilág használata ingyenes! Bővebb információ a recepción kérhető!

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